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26,6 km from Saint Petersburg to Kronstadt

On September 10th 2016 I have successfully finished the Kotlinrace (26,6km swimming) in St. Petersburg (RUS). After 7:43:00 hours and a 3.6km/h pace I was able to successfully finish the race in record time.

I was accompanied by a boat with a russian team. These included the captain, an KotlinRace supervisor and a television crew from a national Russian TV channel.

This swimming marathon was under the classic character to swim as fast as possible, but also to swim as a German in Russia for the German-Russian relationship.

Due to the cold water temperatures, I knew in advance that the 26,6km would be no walk in the park. Nevertheless, due to my extensive preparatory, i felt good. Food was handed to me from the escort boat, which I was not allowed to touch. Had I touched the boat just once, I would have been disqualified.

Until km 16 I had a consistently fast pace. But then I felt the cold water temperature. My body cooled of more and more. From this point on, every meter had caused pain and mentally it was harder and harder. Nevertheless, I reached Kronstadt with an average speed of 3.5 km/h and an end time of 07:43:00h. This was also this years best time in this very hard extreme swimming competition.

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