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Second place and silver in Russia

On July the 31st 201616 the SwimRun Russia took place in the forests of Leningrad (near St. Petersburg). With over 350 total starters me and my russian teammate took the second place overall. Side by side we ran for 32km and swam 5km for the silver medal.

Together with my Russian teammate Aleksei (22 years old from Saint Petersburg) we started as a German / Russian team. With a 32km run and 5km swim the route length was quite manageable. However the 32km run was cross country. Side by side we ran through dense forests and through streams and wetlands. In addition, the course had a lot of altitude. The swim course was divided into eight lakes that had to be swum. These were connected by a total of a 32km run section. To avoid losing time we were swimming with our running shoes on.

After a total of 4:34:11h we finished totally exhausted but happy. From a total of 48 international teams and 350 runners on this long haul, we two made the overall second place. For me as a German athlete it was a very moving feeling to run in the woods and swim, where many German and Russian soldiers had lost their lifes. My Russian team partner and I have shown that Germans and Russians can be successful together.

As a german athlet i had a great time in Russia. In four weeks from now i will be in Saint Petersburg for the KotlinRace, which means 25km of swimming in the Baltic Sea from Saint Petersburg to Kronstadt.

Russia Swim Run 01
Russia Swim Run 02
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